Solarwinds Server Configuration Manager

New: Server Configuration Monitor Detect and compare configuration changes to your servers, databases, and applications tools.

  • Baseline server and application configurations on Windows and Linux
  • Alert and report on deviations from the baseline in near real time
  • See who’s making configuration changes on servers or applications
  • Compare current configurations to previous versions
  • Correlate configuration changes with performance metrics
  • Track server hardware and software inventory

Server Configuration Monitor

Learn how answering “what’s changed?” easily can help you.

Improve Visibility and Team Accountability

Don’t let unexpected or unauthorized configuration changes compromise your environment.Decrease Troubleshooting Time

Quickly understand if config changes line up with an outage or performance issue.Simple, Integrated Experience

Get a unified experience with other SolarWinds systems, servers, and network management products.Affordable

Simple-to-understand, affordable licensing allows you to fully support multiple projects.

Get alerted when configurations change

System and application configurations are changing constantly. Some changes are necessary and authorized, while others may be malicious or done outside normal processes. One thing they all have in common is they’re often the cause of outages, performance issues, or vulnerabilities. However, knowing when these changes took place and who made the change without a configuration change monitoring tool is nearly impossible.

SolarWinds® Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) is designed to track and alert you when system and application configs change from a user-defined baseline or their last configuration. With agent-based monitoring on Windows and Linux devices and applications, you’ll see changes in near real time and who made changes to files and the registry.

Know quickly when your database configuration changes

Your databases are mostly behind the scenes, but they’re critical to keeping your business running. SCM monitors for configuration changes to this infrastructure, and changes to user permissions and schemas.

Know if config changes are helping or hurting performance.

When a server is down or performing poorly, the change data collected by Server Configuration Monitor can be combined with the performance, health, and availability metrics collected by other Orion® Platform-based modules in a single visual timeline via PerfStack. The combination of these two sets of data allows you to easily see if an application or server configuration change was the source of a performance issue or outage.

Enhance change auditing capabilities by monitoring script outputs.

Homegrown scripts provide valuable insight into your organizations systems and applications. With SCM, you can centrally manage scripts, distribute those scripts to servers in your environment, and then track and alert on changes to the entire output of those scripts. Essentially expanding your change monitoring capacity to the level of your scripting prowess.

View and report on hardware and software inventories.

Gain better control of your hardware and software inventory with Server Configuration Monitor’s asset inventory tool. It’s designed to provide you with an up-to-date list of your hardware and software assets.

Unified infrastructure and change auditing.

Built on the Orion Platform, Server Configuration Monitor has direct access and integration with other enterprise level features and datasets.

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